Jul 8 2016
  • Jim & Lipstick
  • Jim & Lipstick
  • Jim & Lipstick
  • Jim & Lipstick
  • Abbott & Percussion
  • Lucy & Hallie
  • Lucy & Hallie
  • Carlie & Favour
  • Lucy passing to Carlie
  • Lucy & Hallie
  • Chris & Thea
  • Abbott & Percussion
  • NPC03-898
  • NPC04-624
  • NPC04-638
  • NPC04-685
  • NPC04-703
  • NPC04-1466
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  • NPC04-1516
  • NPC05-1226
  • NPCF-1088
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Team Berragooon had some great success at the 2016 National Championships, with over 20 horses competing who were either bred by Berragoon, by our stallions, or were started by the team. 3 of the major horse awads were taken out by PMB horses.

Berragoon Liptstick was awarded the Overall Champion Horse and Rider combination from the entire Nationals.
Berragoon Hallie was awarded best Ladies Horse and Rider and Champion Ladies ASH, and Champion Ladies Horse.
And Berragoon Percussion for the second nationals running won the Max Walters trophy for the Champion Horse of the National Championships, as well as Champion Mens ASH, and Champion Mens Horse.

Please see below a FULL list of awards and prizes won by the Berragoon Horses.

We would greatly like to thank all the divisional sponsors, stallion owners for services and TPM Saddles for the saddle won by Lucy and Hallie.

As well as our sponsor BARASTOC HORSE, all of our horses were prepared and fed on a range of Barastoc products leading up to and during this event and our season. This feed, and the balanced diet it gives to our horses, is a huge factor in the consistent performance. Please dont hesitate to contact Lucy or Sara if you would like to find out more about how these products can work for you.


…owned by Berragoon


ABBOTT GRILLS                  BERRAGOON PERCUSSION            (by Furnir)

Win Mens division, Best No 1, Best Horse Mens division (service to OBRIENS VEDETTE), Champion Mens Horse (service to BONLAC GIGOLO), Mens ASH, Overall ASH, and Max Walters Trophy Champion Horse of Carnival *(2nd time) (service to HAZELWOOD CONMAN)


LUCY GRILLS                        BERRAGOON HALLIE (by Stonebrook Finno)

Win Womens division, best 3, best horse, (service to BARNETTS EASY MINSTRIL) and best Horse & Rider combination, Ladies ASH, Champion Womens Horse (service to KEEWONG COMBAT), Champion Womens Player, (Saddle by TPM Saddles)


JIM GRILLS                            BERRAGOON LIPSTICK (by Stonebrook Finno)

Win Mixed division, best 1mixed men, Best player mixed men, Best Horse & Rider Mixed Division, and Overall Champion Horse & Rider Combination of the Nationals.


CARLIE GRILLS                    BERRAGOON FAVOUR (by Stonebrook Finno)

Win Womens division


CHARLIE GRILLS                 BERRAGOON WAVES (by Oaks Acorn)

Win Masters Mixed


ELISSA KOCH                        KIRKBY’S STUB GLIDE (by Adios Reflect)

Win Masters Mixed, Best lady no 2 M.Mixed, Champ Masters Mixed Ladies ASH, Best Mixed Lady Player. 


CHRIS ANDERSON               BERRAGOON THEA (by Stonebrook Finno)

Win Senior Mens 


Sold, bred by Berragoon……..

BEN MANWARRING                        BERRAGOON WOODDALE LAYLA (by S. Finno)

Win Mixed Division, best 3 mixed men

WILL IRELAND                                  BERRAGOON PINK (by Royalle Scotsman)

Win Under 12 division, and best no2.

MONTANNA ROSS                           BERRAGOON MAGOO (by Holmwood Tim Astra)

Win U21 womens

JESS WARD                                        DOLGWILI YESPI (By Stonebrook Finno)

Win U16 girls, and Best No 2


 Others Playing……….

Promite                      (by Stonebrook Finno)

Lance Anderson NSW, win Senior Men
Dolgwili Wrangler     (by Rosebrook Falute)

Bill Fitzgerald, win Masters Men
Trenton Bo Derek     (by Rosebrook Falute)

Alec Grills NSW, win U16 boys
Berragoon Hobo, aka (The Spaniard) by Stonebrook Finno

Andy Forbes Victoria Senior Mixed
Berragoon Pivot                    (By Stonebrook Finno)

Geordie Tait   Victoria Senior Mixed
Berragoon Lullaby                (By Stonebrook Finno)

Geordie Tait   Victoria Senior Mixed
Balnagowan Shedaka           (by Stonebrook Finno)

Holly Wittig Tri State U16 Girls
Berragoon Oops        (By Berragoon Bobby’s Rush)

Hayden Grumley Qld, win U21 Mixed
Berragoon Poem                   (by Stonebrook Finno x D Berragoon Tune)

Geordie Tait   Victoria Senior Mixed (2nd Horse)