Berragoon is a boutique Australian Stock Horse stud, and artificial breeding facility, located at Holbrook in Southern NSW. Situated on 4000 acres in the beautiful Wantagong Valley the property boasts ample space for artificial breeding and growing out some of the countries best performing sports horses.


The ‘Berragoon’ Australian Stock Horse Stud was founded in 1974 by Mrs. Pam Mills, at “Burrabogie” Station, in the heart of the Riverina, east of Hay.
A select group of primarily Thoroughbred mares were mated to a first cross Quarter Horse Stallion, ‘Retford Quarter Inch’ (by Mescal), and it was the progeny from these that were classified and entered into the studbook of the ASH Society. One of these colts named “Pemblegong” was to become the early sire of the stud, and some fillies were retained to breed to outside sires. The result of one of these matings was “Berragoon Quandong” the next resident sire at ‘Berragoon’. “Quandi” was the progeny of ‘Berragoon Jillaroo’ and by the Ayr Gun stallion “Glen Alpine Royal Salute”.
It was at this time that the stud moved to the Wantagong valley property “Mandaring”, east of Holbrook in the South West Slopes area of NSW, where it remains today.

The process of equine embryo transfer involves the collection of the embryo through flushing the donor mare. The resulting embryo is then implanted into another mare, (the recipient). This process is called the Transfer. The donor mare is bred as if she were to carry her natural foal. This can be done through natural service or A.I. (from chilled or frozen semen). The recovery of the embryo involves passing a catheter through the cervix and irrigating fluid through the uterus. The fluid then passes through a filter for embryo retrieval. Ovulation day is termed Day 0, and flushing takes place on day 6 or 7. The recipient mare, (who has not been bred), should have ovulated ideally on the same day, or within 1 day of the donor mare. Once the embryo has been located and graded under the microscope, it is washed and loaded, and then transferred into the recipient mare.