Berragoon Equine Breeders in owned and operated by Charlie, Sara, Lucy and Jim Grills and Debbie Mills. All have had a life long commitment to breeding and competing horses.

Enthusiasts for both Stock Horse and Polocrosse activities, both Charlie and Sara are accredited State Level Polocrosse coaches and have also  played at National level. Lucy and Jim have both competed at International Level in Juniors and Intermediates, but most recently in 2015 as part of the Australian World Cup team to play in South Africa. Debbie has worked extensively with the artificial breeding of cattle and currently works with  Holbrook Breeders Australia.

Together they run “Berragoon” Australian Stock Horse Stud and  350 head of commercial Angus on their 4000 acre property “Mandaring” at Holbrook in NSW.

Berragoon Equine Breeders is a reproduction facility designed to make artificial breeding easy and accessible for any interested horse owner. Owners of promising or superior mares, that are currently competing are able to breed progeny from her without taking her out of the competitive circuit.

Breeders of valuable foals sold once yearly, are now able to produce multiple foals out of that valuable mare in one year.

Horse enthusiasts are now able to purchase embryos out of their favourite stallion/mare combination.Berragoon Equine Breeders will manage all these artificial breeding steps for you.

Options Available 

Berragoon will manage your mare, complete all embryo and flushing proceedures to the stallion of your choice. They will then transplant the embryos into recipient mares and have the pregnant package sent home to you.

Interested breeders will also be able to choose from Berragoon ASH Stud’s mare and sire base to breed their own horses.

Clients will also be able to choose from the embryo packages already running on the stud..